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In the span of just 14 months and two days, it appears Dallas Stars General Manager Jim Nill has made the Stars Stanley Cup contenders again. No, not get eliminated in the first round contenders; more like Brett Hull’s foot was in the crease, contenders.

The NHL has been eventful as free agency kicked off July 1st. News of top free agents like Jerome Iginla, Dan Boyle, and Ryan Miller signed new contracts to new teams. Although they didn’t make huge name signings, they did, however, manage a big name trade. But it’s not enough to just state facts about the signings and acquisitions; the Dallas Stars have a story of how they got here.

March 24, 2013 marked the day the Dallas Stars officially began construction on a rebuilding project as they traded Captain Brenden Morrow to the Pittsburgh Penguins. With a vacant spot for the ‘C’ the franchise crowned the now 24-year-old Jamie Benn as captain. As a rebuild was now underway the Stars also took a step in a new direction as they appointed Jim Nill as the new General Manager in April of 2013.

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mj lebron

By Gregory Calarco

Who would win in a game of 1 on 1: Air Jordan or King James? Perhaps the better question we should ask is: why does this matter? Ever since LeBron James’ debut season in the NBA during the 2003 season, critics have been comparing him to the great Michael Jordan. Yes, it is fun to make comparisons between the young guns and the legends, but eventually it just gets old. It seems like more often than not, ESPN is dissecting which player was the greater in the prime of their respective careers. These evaluations are out-of-line in a myriad of ways, and this ongoing discussion vexes me because it is beaten to death by seemingly everyone. Allow me to further explain my views with three main reasons. Read More


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The much needed return of the Black Mamba awaits us. However, his return will be a little bit more delayed than Lakers fans would have liked.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Kobe Bryant has missed up to this point of the season due to a torn left achilles tendon back in April.  Plenty of buzz surrounded a possible return tonight against the Sacramento Kings, but has been ruled out by Bryant at his launch event for his Nike “Kobe 9″.  Despite his decision to prolong his absence, we could see Bryant make his return Sunday, December 7 against the Toronto Raptors.  Bryant told ESPN LA today that he is “pleased” with how his heel is feeling after practicing for three consecutive days.

Without Kobe in the lineup, the Lakers are 9-9 on the season.  The situation gets worse as point guards Steve Nash and Jordan Farmar have recently been sidelined with injuries.  Once Kobe returns to action, the Lakers will have a better opportunity to get back on the right track.

Although Bryant may return to the lineup on Sunday, Bryant mentioned he may be in and out off a suit and uniform in effort to advance toward a full recovery. As much of an asset to the team Bryant is, don’t expect D’Antoni to play him too much. The 35-year-old signed a two-year contract extension in November for $48.5 million.

Photo Credit- NY Post

Photo Credit- NY Post

Melo said it, not me. 

Carmelo Anthony and the 3-13 Knicks need to find some way to get a fire lit under them and get a momentum swing because what they are doing isn’t working.  Tonight the Knicks go on to face their New York rival who also “stink,” according to Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd.

“Stink” is explaining the two teams in a welcome manner.  A nine-game losing streak keep company the Knicks going into tonight’s contest.  The Nets (5-13) have lost 11 of their last 14 and five consecutive at the Barclays Center.  Having that said, it is a very big game for both teams, but if any team needs this win more it is clearly the Knicks Read More


After Monday night’s dominating 34-7 victory over Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, the Seattle Seahawks improved to 11-1 and have clinched a playoff spot and possibly home-field advantage.

Seattle’s offensive paramount and defensive depth didn’t need a Marshawn Lynch 64-yard touchdown to win the game or set a Guinness World Record as it did when the two teams met in 2010.  With the Guinness World Record crew in attendance, Seahawks fans at CentryLink Field reached 137.6 decibels in the first half.  It’s no seismic vibration on the Richter scale, but it’s still impressive.

Russel Wilson has won 14 home games in a row; therefore, he has never lost a home game since starting for the Seahawks.  No one will ever have the wins that Wilson has obtained at this point in his career.  Dan Marino is the only quarterback to have thrown more yards than Wilson at this point in his career.  Not to mention, Wilson is the lowest-paid starting quarterback.  Monday night gave Wilson the opportunity to impress the entire world, the kicker is it was no different from any other game.

Three touchdown passes and 310 yards were the result of Willson’s precision and some luck.  About halfway through the third quarter, Russel Wilson threw a pass to tight end Kellen Davis, bounced off his helmet as he was falling to the ground and into the hands of running back Derrick Coleman and dove into the endzone to make the game 33-7.  We hear it every time we watch Wilson play, but his ability to find receivers while scrambling inside the pocket or make a dash for the first down marker is astonishing.  One might wonder how he stays so calm.  “I find a spot in the stadium,” he  told in October. “It’s just to bring me back to zero, just to make me relax or whatever. If I ever feel like I’m doing really well or not doing so well, it’s like, ‘Hey, just play the game, even keel.’”

Is it Lady Luck that keeps Seattle’s momentum swinging or is it purely their skill?

is certainly on the Seahawks’ side as there is a high possibility that other top NFC teams will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the playoffs.  Can Wilson take this years MVP? Brace yourself NFL, Seattle is coming for the title.


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The NHL Playoffs are the one thing this season that will be the proper length.  Seven game max series, one team must win four games.  For hockey fans clearly this is the best time of the year. Read More

HKN Leafs Senators

Yes, it’s a long headline.  Bear with me.

On Wednesday April 17, 2013, the Columbus Blue Jackets have put themselves in the playoff picture since the 2008-2009 season.  Not only was the 08-09 season their only appearance in the playoffs, they were swept in the first round.  For some reason this season’s All-Star game was going to be held in Columbus, they needed the help.  From the beginning of March Columbus won six out of their first ten games with three of the four losses ending with a point gained in the standings. Maybe they only won by a goal in extra time when they did win, but they’re proving the NHL that they can hang with the big boys.  If they can win their final two games, they have a shot at putting away the Red Wing’s 21 straight playoff appearance streak. Read More


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